Get to know Pete Cymbalak


Pete Cymbalak

Retirement Planner, Investment Advisor Representative and Owner

Pete Cymbalak is the founder and owner of Empowered Financial Management, LLC. Because his team focuses on business operations, Pete has the ability to solely focus on retirement planning and servicing his clients. He loves to learn, study the economy and develop new strategies to better provide for his clients.

About 25 years ago, a close family member lost their entire retirement when the company where they had worked for more than 30 years went bankrupt — after it had used up all the employees’ 401(k) money. This left Pete’s family member with nothing, despite decades of hard work saving for retirement. This situation drove Pete to learn how to better prepare for retirement and help others avoid the same disastrous and heartbreaking event.

He couldn’t bear to see anyone else suffer the same loss. After this, he discovered Missed Fortune and has been motivated by this philosophy ever since. For 20 years, Pete has been in the financial industry, working with various forms of investment and insurance products and solutions hoping to positively impact and help avoid events such as those endured by his family member.

Pete has passed the Series 65 securities exam, which means that he is a fiduciary advisor. Pete is proud that not only is he legally obligated to put clients’ interests first, he wants to put their interests first. Why would you want to work with anyone who prefers suitability guidelines?

Pete grew up in Tucson, Arizona, in the hot desert — quite opposite from Wisconsin! He joined the Navy when he was young and spent five years serving his country. He loved being in the Navy as an operation specialist. When he met the love of his life, Tammy, and proposed, he honorably discharged from the Navy to spend more time with his wife. He moved to Madison more than 25 years ago.

He has two children, a daughter who is now married and a son, Caleb, who is graduating from Middleton High School and moving on to study missions. Pete and his family currently have two young Bernese Mountain Dogs, Thor and Loki. Pete is so passionate about his work that for 10 years his family couldn’t convince him to go on vacation. Finally, before his son graduated, they went on a cruise. To no surprise, Pete loved being back on the ship and traveling in the ocean, and he can’t wait to go on more cruises — a more luxurious version of his Navy ships! In his free time, Pete loves reading — especially about history — making his famous barbecue sauce and anything that is not related to winter!

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