Get to know Enrique Gandara


Enrique Gandara

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Owner

As Chief Technology Officer, Enrique is focused on the technical aspects within the company, including managing and maintaining our internal IT infrastructure. His main focus remains on our clients as he implements further security standards by using technology to create a more secure and efficient environment. Enrique is in charge of managing the software we use, including Wealth Vault, which allows our clients to securely have complete access to their entire financial picture. This includes their bank accounts and budgets, allowing our clients a more complete and panoramic view of their current financial situation. He also works to streamline business processes with technology to increase efficiency for our team members so they are able to focus even more on providing the best experience to our clients.

Enrique is from Guatemala City, Guatemala. While in Guatemala, he went to a private English school so he could learn English. When he was 10 years old, his family moved to Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known as a large agricultural state — perfect for his dad who still owns farms in Guatemala today. Being bilingual, Enrique helps us to work with the Latino and Spanish-speaking community. This is an exciting addition and expansion for our clientele!

Enrique has always wanted to be in an industry that positively impacts people – and the financial services industry is no exception! Finances are a huge stressor for many households, and retirement only adds to the complexity that many experience. He loves helping pre-retirees and retirees create a strategy for retirement that is designed in accordance with their retirement goals and desires. He is a people person and enjoys learning about every individual he meets, so getting to know our clients is highly enjoyable for him.

Enrique is also passionate about having a generous company. In honor of his heritage, Empowered Financial supports Safe Passage, an organization that works with children and families who live in the Guatemala City dump. While growing up in Guatemala and continuing to visit every year, Enrique has known deep levels of poverty that are not reached in the United States or many other countries around the world, so he loves to share his resources to make a positive impact by improving the everyday lifestyle in Guatemala. You can read more about this on our Community page!

Enrique lives in Verona with his wife, Haley, and their two dogs and two cats. He enjoys taking their dogs to the dog park, especially in the summer and warm weather. His favorite summertime activities are boating and jet skiing, and he will take every opportunity to be on the lake! In his free time, he enjoys visiting with friends and family, playing board games and fishing. Enrique also loves to travel to the ocean, where he can scuba dive. Enrique’s family still has their home in Guatemala City, so visiting his childhood home and friends is one of the highlights of his year!

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