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How Do We Help?

In addition to supply drives, we sponsor a child and their family through Safe Passage. Through our sponsorship (this includes you – our clients who have allowed this to happen!), the following resources are provided to this family: daily healthy meals and snacks; monthly food bag for the family; classroom materials and school supplies; on-site medical clinic; schooling (including English, math, science and reading classes); access to their library and computer lab; one-on-one tutors; enrichment programs (such as sports, music and art); adult literacy classes; family wellness program; social workers for abuse, violence and instability; and a caring, nurturing environment for students and their families. We receive letters throughout the year from our sponsor child, which we send out to our clients.

In addition to our sponsorship, some of our team members travel to Guatemala to visit Safe Passage. Through these visits, we have gotten to know Junior personally. We were even able to take him to the zoo for his very first time! We have also visited the multiple Safe Passage sites and the garbage dump itself to visit with students and staff members at each location.

We have also created a partnership with a local organization, Yada Project, and have connected them to Safe Passage. As part of their adult program, Safe Passage teaches women how to make and sell jewelry from recycled materials. Yada Project then sells the jewelry locally in Madison and donates the proceeds back to purchase more jewelry. When our team visits Safe Passage, they bring back the jewelry Yada Project has ordered, since shipping from many third world countries is either not possible or far too expensive.

Meet Junior!

Meet Junior, the Empowered Financial Management sponsor child! He is 7 years old and has just graduated into kindergarten! He lives with his mother and younger brother. His favorite color is orange, he loves turtles and his favorite food is pizza! He says reading is difficult, but he loves to read. He also greatly enjoys his art classes. If he makes it through elementary and high school, he can earn five times more than he could without an education! In Guatemala, you must have an education to even be a housekeeper or serve at a restaurant. There is no easy access to education, so the poverty cycle harshly continues generation after generation. Through our support, we are encouraging Junior and his mother to continue his education in order to open up many opportunities for him!

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