How Do We Help?

Not only do we support Junior Achievement financially, but we love working directly with students of all ages! We teach classes for elementary students. In these classes, students learn the basics of financial literacy, what taxes are and how they fund our cities, how taxes help keep the city they live in safer, what the purpose of zoning in a city is, how entrepreneurs start businesses and factors they must take into consideration, and more! These smart students learn so quickly, and they’re eager to soak up as much as they can!

We also love working with high schoolers! This is the perfect time to begin preparing them for a career or teach them entrepreneurial concepts. We work with students to teach them career-readiness, such as teaching them how to interview for a role or create a career plan. Besides the career readiness classes, we also participate in the Titan Challenge. In this course that leads to state competitions, students compete in a computer-simulated complex economy. They work to develop their product and stand apart from the competition as they budget their research and development, marketing, employee, inventory storage and other costs. We coach the top student teams who have the opportunity to compete in a statewide competition with a chance at winning even more scholarships.

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