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Why Safe Passage?

One of our team members, Enrique, is from Guatemala. He moved here when he was 10 years old, but most of his family are still there, along with his childhood home and family farms. The life in Guatemala varies greatly from the life in the United States, and many families are crippled with lack of basic needs, such as food and water; disease; violence; lack of health care or education; and more. Safe Passage approaches this problem by not only providing for people’s basic needs but also giving them an education so they can learn how to support themselves independently. Enrique and his family have had the opportunity to work with Safe Passage in the past, and he’s passionate about continuing to do so! We are excited to work with this influential organization through Empowered Financial Management and give back to our communities — both locally and internationally — and help others around the world receive similar access to education and health care as we do.
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Why Junior Achievement?

We are passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and have confidence when it comes to their retirement. This preparation, however, doesn’t begin as one nears retirement, but from the beginning of one’s career! We think that it is extremely important to teach children at a young age how to manage their money so they can achieve greater financial success throughout their lifetime. In addition, we love entrepreneurship and the opportunity it provides — not only for the founders, but for those they employ, as well! Haley was involved in Junior Achievement when she was in high school, and her mentor was one the first people to notice her business skills. It began a chain of events that led her to where she is today, and she hopes she can help offer the same positive impact for other students!
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Why Underdog Pet Rescue?

Our team is filled not only with people lovers, but animal lovers as well! Having the opportunity to support connecting these kind and deserving animals with loving families is such a rewarding experience, especially because we have experienced having a cherished animal family member ourselves! Our team has a total of almost 10 rescued pets, and that number continues to grow. Visit Underdog’s “Happy Tails” page to warm your heart with the happiest animals you might ever see!
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Why MOM?

We believe that it’s important to support and help cultivate growth in all communities, but most importantly we should start with our own. Even in Madison, Wisconsin, there are members of our community that need support, and we feel it is our responsibility to partner with organizations focused on providing support for living essentials.
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